Tennessee Massage Rules updates posted on 8/17/17

The rule changes  voted on by the Tennessee Massage Licensure Board last fall went into effect on August 17, 2017. The links are below.

General Rules Governing Licensed Massage Therapists and Establishments: http://publications.tnsosfiles.com/rules/0870/0870-01.20170817.pdf

General Rules Governing Massage Therapy Educational Programs:

Science: Massage?

Science Answers: Are Massages for Lazy Sundays or Real Recovery?
By Brittany Risher – November 22, 2016 – My Fitness Pal



Benny Vaughn – I am a Massage Therapist

3rd Annual Asian Festival This Sunday

I will have a tent at the 3rd Annual Asian Festival this Sunday, August 28. I will be answering questions about acupressure, cupping, Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS) and Chinese Medicine, AND doing some demonstrations. There will be coupons for a free stress relief session and a chance to win a free full session.

The festival will feature plenty of great Asian food and entertainment.


Drop by and say “Hello.” Look forward to seeing you soon.

Sports Tuina re-scheduled to October 8-9, 2016, Knoxville, TN.

Register by September 7 to get the Early Registration Discount for Sports Tuina with Terry Norman on October 8-9, 2016 in Knoxville, TN. 16 CE hours. Only $275 if registered and paid by 9/07/2016. $325 thereafter. Register/pay Terry Norman: 817.477.9409.  tnt11@earthlink.net.  OR pay with PayPal.  Sponsored by Charles West, MassageWorks.

Tennessee Massage Licensure Board’s next meeting is February 8-9, 2016.

The Tennessee Massage Licensure Board’s next meeting is February 8-9, 2016. Here is the link the the agenda and live streaming links for that meeting:

TN Massage Licensure Board Meeting: November 2-3, 2015: Agenda

The Agenda for the Tennessee Massage Licensure Board Meeting on November 2-3, 2015, has been posted. The agenda includes links for the live stream.  http://tn.gov/assets/entities/health/attachments/Public_Notice_for_Massage_Board_November_2_3_2015_Meeting.pdf

Authentic Chinese Acupressure I & II, ChiaHung Shen, CCA, CR, LMT, Instructor

September 19-20, 2015, Authentic Chinese Acupressure I & II, ChiaHung Shen, CCA, CR, LMT, Instructor, (Sat/Sun, 9am-5pm). 16 CE hours. $250 if paid by 9/5/15 or $300 thereafter. In Knoxville at MassageWorks. To register and pay, contact ChiaHung Shen: 423-314-0672 or chiahungshen@gmail.com

China Trip 2015

I’m all set to leave for China on April 4th. I’ll be in Beijing for 4 weeks studying Mandarin then in Shanghai for 2 weeks studying tuina – Chinese Medical Massage. I’ve set up a blog at:


It will be fun!

For a massage while I’m gone, go to  http://massageassociatesknoxville.com/
Happy Spring!

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