Touch for Health Kinesiology

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a bodywork process which uses muscle testing as a principle feedback mechanism. By testing a muscle, which also indicates the energy level of it’s associated acupuncture meridian, it can be strengthened, if needed, which brings them both up to normal levels.

This can be one muscle,

or a group of muscles in a region,

core body – 13 muscle tests
shoulder/arm – 22 muscle tests
elbow/wrist/hand – 20 muscle tests
hip/thigh – 17 muscle tests
knee/ankle/foot – 27 muscle tests
(K-Power® Protocols)

or a sequence of muscles related to the acupuncture channels to bring them into balance when associated to a particular stressor.

Stress weakens the body, affects the flow of energy (qi/chi) through the acupuncture channels of the body, and shows up in one or more muscles. Kinesiology is a process of finding the imbalances and correcting them. In Chinese Medicine, when the chi flows freely and unobstructed the body will be healthy.

Touch for Health® Kinesiology and K-Power® provide techniques and processes which effectively assess and balance the body/mind.

Kinesiology sessions are 30 minutes or longer. Stressed about something, book a session now.

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Video on Energy KinesiologyClick on the following link to have access to a wonderful video on Energy Kinesiology, from the Awareness Council!

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