Chair Massage

Stress is the other silent killer, and is a key component in most health complaints today. Chair massage is an effective, convenient, and cost-effective way to relieve stress.

Healthy employees contribute more to the company than unhealthy employees? Call today for a free demonstration (local) and learn how it can help your employees and your company! The demonstration would take about an hour.

Call today to schedule chair massage at your office, or a session at my office.

On-site at your office: $80 per hour (local/Knox county, TN) with a 2 hour minimum (local) per therapist. There is a higher minimum hour requirement or a travel time add-on if not local.

Charles West LMT#64
Providing seated massage to Knoxville area businesses since 1994.

Schedule an appointment now at my office: Schedule Now

OR, call [865-694-3144] or email me to schedule at your office (2-hour minimum).

What is Chair Massage?

Chair massage is an accessible and affordable option for many – addressing key areas of stress at a price most can afford.

Illustrations over many centuries have shown massage being administered in a seated position. Until recently, though, seated massage was generally not thought of when thinking of massage.

This began to change in the early nineteen-eighties when David Palmer, then Director of The Amma Institute of Traditional Japanese Massage in San Francisco began experimenting with marketing seated massage (sometimes called “chair massage”). David adapted Amma techniques to a seated position, designed the first massage chair, and established what is now the TouchPro Institute. Because of his pioneering and ongoing work, David Palmer has become known as “the father of chair massage.” David and other trainers of the TouchPro Institute have trained thousands of practitioners in the United States, and around the world. Certification was introduced in 1996.

The TouchPro® Chair massage sequence addresses over 160 acupressure points designed especially to relax and refresh employees while at work. This special sequence, or kata, is the basis of my work and will help your employees de-stress so that they can perform better on the job.

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